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What we were doing in 1981

In the 1970s the descendants of Lafe and Dollie Wadsworth wrote, and I compiled a newsletter each year where we all shared the most important things that happened that year.  The 1981 letter never did get compiled and sent.  But Linda Lee found the original from our family, and I presume others, which I reproduce below.  Note that the research trips were for the George Allen Wadsworth book which would be published in 1983 with the updated 30th anniversary edition in 2013. Of course, we always looked for information on all our ancestors on these trips, so we found some interesting Free data as well. I seem to remember that it was in the archives in Reno that we found information on the Walker family as well as much other great stuff. LFK

Keep reading, because this includes a most scary experience from my Mom and Dad as well.  Well, it was really scary for all of us.

1981 30 Nov        The Most Important Thing[s] that have happened to me this year
By the VanderBeeks
RON:     This year has been very eventful – from minor events such as extracting Margo’s tooth, to exciting events such as a genealogy trip to Reno, Nevada, to an adventure trip to Ghost Towns in Montana and the Jordan Temple Open House, to major decision events such as changing jobs. The major decision was the most difficult. The job that I had was designing control systems for the nuclear reactors at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory.
                Although I enjoyed the work, it was slowing down because one of the reactors was going to be shut down after its last experimental test, and funding was not appropriated for another existing reactor. There was still work but the outlook was not promising. Although engineering jobs elsewhere were plentiful, the economy being the way it is – mortgage rates 18% and a buyer rather than seller market – it did not lend well to the decision of moving to another area. I interviewed in the company and found a job in the engineering field but not in the design end. It is in the licensing of nuclear reactors for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission [NRC].
                It was a big step I feel from engineering design to the new job, but I feel now that it will benefit me in the engineering career that I chose in college. Since I’ve been at my new job I have traveled to Washington, DC to meet with the NRS and will be going back again this December. I will also be visiting a nuclear reactor plant in Massachusetts in December.
                A spiritual event has been my calling as the Ward Clerk of Osgood Ward, Idaho Falls West Stake.

HELEN [LaRae]: On the 10th of Oct Mary Ann Smith [my bodyguard] and I were in Paradise to attend the baptism of Pat Whiting and her sons Michael [10] and Mark [15].
                Pat and I have been working long distance on a genealogical publication, Born Free, for three years. I had sent a Book of Mormon about a year ago. In Sept she called because she was blue; she still hadn’t found a job. So in the course of our conversation she said she wanted to know something about my church. I sent the missionaries to her, and she and her boys listened.
                Sat morning [Oct 10] Mary Ann and I flew to San Francisco, rented a car and drove to Paradise, California. When we arrived at Pat’s, she and I hugged. It was the first time we had ever seen each other.
                On the plane home, I was surprised to find my mission president, Robert Backman. It was wonderful to be able to tell him why were in midair with him.

SIMONE [age 12]: In Nov we went to the Jordan Temple. It was real nice and warm. I never have been in all parts of a temple before. It was real special. I saw all the rooms; they’re real pretty. We went through all of the floors, so we could see all the rooms, like the sealing rooms, baptismal font and the Celestial room, etc. The chandeliers were really pretty.  I couldn’t find a fingerprint on anything.
                I also got on the eighth grade first string basketball team. I really like to play basketball.

MARGO [age 10]: This summer we went to Reno, Lake Tahoe and Provo. On Labor Day we went to Virginia City and Silver City, Montana which are ghost towns. Other places we went are Panaca, Salt Lake and Boise. I’m in fifth grade. I’m on the school basketball team. At Reno we went to Circus Circus. We saw some acrobats. I won two toys by throwing balls in a straight line. It didn’t matter which way the line went.

DAVID [age 6, just barely]: Jordan Temple Oct 1981:  I liked the big round light with the diamonds hanging down. I like the baptism with the cows’ heads stuck out.
Kindergarten Aug 1981: I like when I started school. We got a new store from doing all our ABCs good. I love Mrs. Chappell [his teacher who was also a Pulsipher relative].
Lagoon Summer 1981: I liked the fair on the way to Provo. I like the haunted house – the pictures they show and how they pretend to break stuff. I like the kid roller coaster.
                I have chicken pox.
                I want to tell my jokes:
Q. Where was Johnny when the lights went out?
A. In the dark.
Q. Why is a horse like a leaky barrel?
A. Because they both run.

LORY AND MYRTLE JOY FREE                                                       CHRISTMAS 1981

One of the days that stands out most in 1981 for Lory and I is April 16th. He and Matt and Mark had been working with his little horse, Hickory, and Lory had been injured. He and Matt came in Grandma’s house. Matt looked sort of scared and Lory looked, well, sort of “beat up.”  They told us about the accident and Lory showed us his hand that had a huge swelled up black and blue bruise on it. I said, “Lory, I think you had better go to the Doctor.”  He said, “No, I think it will be alright.” So we hurried and got it in cold water. In a few minutes Aunt Helen said, “Lory, I think you had better go to the Doctor.” He said, “I’ll be okay.”  A few minutes more passed by, then Lory said, “I think I had better go see the Doctor.”  It turned out that in addition to many bruises he had three injured ribs and a separated shoulder that required major surgery. That was bad, but the really frightening time came five days after he had been released from the hospital. I came up stairs and found him writhing in pain and struggling to breath. We rushed him to the emergency. We saw on the screen the huge blood clot that had gone through his heart and lodged in his left artery. Then it was that his life hung in the balance. Nick and David administered to him while he was in the semi-intensive care having pain shots every hour and pain pills every other hour in addition to make it possible for him to breath. Nick in the prayer said, “Your family needs you,” and he did get well. It’s hard to explain how grateful one can feel to have her companion still here when the opposite possibility was so close.  I am so thankful for this blessing. Myrtle Joy

Mamma [Dollie] had her surgery, and it was not malignant.  We are so thankful. Aunt Rae [Empie] passed away after much suffering. There was the really fun Wadsworth Family Reunion on the 25th of July in Panaca. Helen Rae and I worked very hard on it along with some other folks. The rest of the 24th of July celebration was very special also. We surely saw a lot of dear and loved friends and relatives. There are so many good things like grandson Sammy receiving the Aaronic Priesthood and little granddaughter Charlotte learning to walk and long walks with Andy and Nicky and I together, Sam and Simone coming for the BYU basketball clinics and others of the family being with us here in Provo, our trips to Panaca, etc. We are so grateful for our association with each one of you and that YOU are our relative. We wish you all a happy Christmas and a wonderful year/years ahead. Love and God bless you each one. Uncle Lory and Aunt Myrtle Joy

I dreamed I found a gold mine and there by the burned out fire was a frying pan and a can full of gold nuggets…Uncle Lory…

I love my family. I’m happier where you all are. Thank you for helping me and being so kind when I need it. Grandma [Dollie] Wadsworth

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