Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Histories now available

The really great, miraculous news is that eight family history books are now available to bless people’s lives at www.itsallrelatives.org. The George Allen Wadsworth – Pilley to Panaca book which included information about the 1856 and 1857 handcart treks felt like a handcart trek in and of itself. It is a miracle, maybe several, that it is up and ready to bless lives. [The modern digital printing capabilities and the older, 1983 fonts, were incompatible for just one problem. Our wonderful computer man solved that for us at great sacrifice for us. So much thanks to him. And it is through the generosity of Margo that the simple yet functional website is up and ready to go. Here again there were many problems including the original provider not providing though paid. Thank you.]

  My mantra is: Put your family history back in your family!

The George Allen Wadsworth - Pilley to Panaca book, all 600+ pages of it, is ready for purchase. It includes all of the old 1983 book plus new information and updates on the kidnapping, Wadsworth genealogy, Broadbent genealogy, English relatives, and research reports so those of you who desire to continue this great work will not have to redo the last 60 years worth of research.
Buy this 30th anniversary edition of the book now. Read and use the information for talks, family home evenings, school reports, etc. This is a great gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, even missionaries. All our recently called/returned/serving missionaries were asked to bring information on their families to their missions.
The recommended price for this book was $49.99.  You can purchase it for $44.99 at www.itsallrelatives.org. And there is a pre-Christmas special I will explain in the next entry.
You can get the George Allen Wadsworth - Pilley to Panaca book for $41.99 if you send a check for that amount to Mark Wadsworth at HC 74 Box 304 Pioche NV 89043 in October and November.  He will collect the checks, and if there are orders for 100 books or more and Mark places the order of 100 or more at one time, voila!, you have great gifts for a great price.
The books will then be sent to Mark who will disperse them in December. Thanks to all who aided me in this uncomprehendingly complex project. This and 7 additional family history books are also available at www.itsallrelatives.org.

The historical titles include these names in the titles and include many, many more names in the texts.
George Allen Wadsworth, Alice Allen and Elizabeth Broadbent
Zera Pulsipher and Mary Ann Brown
Thomas Sirls Terry, Eliza Jane Pulsipher, Mary Ann Pulsipher and Hannah Leavitt
Samuel Lee and Elizabeth Gilham, ancestors of Harold B Lee
Rachel Wheeler and Wenlock Free
Dollie Hollingshead and Lafe Wadsworth
Many others

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