Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Special Dec 2013 prices for family history books, especially the George Allen Wadsworth 30th anniversary book

“Put your history back in your family.” LaRae Free Kerr                                                         PRICE LIST
For our 2012 Lafe Wadsworth family reunion, I was asked to reprint our family histories. And since 2013 is the 30th anniversary of the George Allen Wadsworth – Pilley to Panaca book, I was urged to get that revision with it’s amazing and significant revelations regarding our Wadsworth family printed as well. It has taken much work, effort, materials, computer expertise, knowledge, time, etc. to get these done. Since we love our ancestors and our cousins, even those we don’t yet know, we are offering these books to anyone interested.

Please go to itsallrelatives.org to order in the simplest possible way. Click on the Buy Now button, enter the number of books you want to purchase and follow the instructions. We are having a special in November/December 2013 for those who would like these books for Christmas giving. It works this way: Send a check to Mark Wadsworth at HC 74 Box 304 Pioche, NV 89042 at the lower price below.  If Mark receives orders for 100 books at the lower price, he will order them and deliver them. If orders do not reach 100 books, Mark will destroy the checks, and you will still be able to order from itsallrelatives.org at these frightfully low regular prices. Or you can send him the additional $3, and he will still get the book to you.

TITLE                                                                                REGULAR PRICE                100-ORDER PRICE [NOV/DEC]
George Allen Wadsworth – Pilley to Panaca                $44.99                                 $41.99                  Wow
Dollie                                                                                $7.99                                   $6.99                    What Prices
The Hollingshead Rollins Family                                  $19.99                                 $17.99
The Samuel Lee Family History                                   $14.99                                 $12.99
History of Thomas Sirls Terry                                       $16.99                                 $14.99
Pulsipher Family History                                               $11.99                                 $10.99
Rachel Dibley Wheeler Free: Her Story                         $7.99                                   $6.99
It’s All Relatives Columns                                             $14.99                                 $12.99

We want you to have these histories and believe they will change your lives for good. So if there is any problem please contact us: itsallrelatives@sfcn.org.

The history of the world is not complete until it includes yours. LaRae Free Kerr 

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